Clarks has completed the roll-out of new Wi-Fi services across its UK store estate.

The footwear retailer announced earlier this year that it was upgrading Wi-Fi to improve customer service and boost efficiency of internal processes, and the June deadline for implementation in the UK has been met. The business will be upgrading the Wi-Fi service in its Republic of Ireland stores, in due course.

Clarks selected Aerohive's solution, which has been introduced to the retail stores by Jade Solutions via its Crowd WiFi Brand which utilises Aerohive technology.

The new service is expected to help provide a platform for Clarks to further innovate with its use of in-store technologies, which already includes wide deployment of its iPad foot measuring gauge.

Services running across the new network include guest Wi-Fi for customers, retail Wi-Fi to enable staff to use corporate mobile devices for assisted selling, and corporate Wi-Fi to allow employees access to operational services and to communicate with headquarters.

Phil Keeley, principal systems engineer at Aerohive Networks, commented: "Clarks is a great brand to add to Aerohive's long list of retail customers.

"The company is keen to push the boundaries of what can be achieved both in-store for the customer experience and within its offices to improve employee productivity and efficiency."

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