Debenhams is in the process of introducing digital receipts for customers shopping with the retailer in the run up to Christmas.

A Debenhams spokesperson told Essential eCommerce: "Debenhams has launched electronic receipts for customers and this is being rolled out across all our stores. This option will be available in all stores by early November ready for the Christmas trading."

It is believed Debenhams is providing customers with digital receipts by working with solutions provider eReceipts, which also works with the likes of Monsoon Accessorize and Argos.

Why provide digital receipts?

Spencer Izard, head of IDC retail insights for Europe, said: "At IDC Retail Insights we see the use of eReceipts by retailers as still nascent in nature. Also, many of the retailers providing eReceipts have fallen into a pattern of duplicating the style or format of paper based receipts rather than fully leveraging the richer experience that can be provided through digital receipts."

Izard said for digital receipts to be successful retailers should look towards companies like Uber which provide stylish eReceipts with extra information about the purchase that a traditional paper receipt would not convey. "So the opportunity is using eReceipts to provide an enhanced and more personalised experience from which the retailer acquires the consumers email from an initial transaction. This is another conduit for retailers to provide enhanced digital experiences rather than just duplicating existing physical approaches."

Meanwhile, Andy Mulcahy, editor at IMRG, said rolling out digital receipt technology can help retailers build up a more complete picture of shopper behaviour across channels.

"But it doesn’t represent an end in itself," he said. "Success is determined by how the data will be used to enhance the experiences that customer receives going forward, which starts with the additional marketing opportunity presented by the eReceipt – including irrelevant or outdated information in that can actually end up detracting from what otherwise may have been a positive brand-building exercise."

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