Retailers should take the plunge and introduce customer feedback and satisfaction scores to their websites.

A panel of retailers, speaking at the Magento Live conference in London last week, described how customer recommendations are a very powerful tool for retailers.

Jewellery retailer, Links of London, is working with Zendesk to display customer satisfaction scores on its website.

Tom Lodge, eCommerce director at Links of London, said he wishes he had implemented the software sooner. “I really didn’t want to turn it on for a while, but it’s great because you see a score and you can track it up and down.”

Lodge said the retailer had the proactive attitude to contact every customer who gave Links of London bad feedback. “If you were grumpy and said it wasn’t good enough, and within the next day someone says sorry about that, that was a customer you had lost, but you then have a fighting chance to keep them.”

Meanwhile, Radley & Co is working with Feefo to provide customer feedback. “We respond to every single one, and it is so crucial for creating brand advocates,” explained Rowan Luckie, head of eCommerce at Radley & Co. “A customer we have turned around is much more powerful than someone who had a good experience, but doesn’t want to share.”

Radley is also using the Mention Me refer a friend platform, which customers can use to recommend the retailer to friends post-purchase. Customers can refer friends via email, social media and even Whatsapp and both parties are incentivised with discounts.

“We’ve seen some interesting engagement with that and we’ve only been running it three months,” said Luckie. “10% of customers who see the banner post-purchase will interact and those customers who go onto buy have a 25% increase in average order value – it’s too early to see if they are returning, but the order value is much higher than normal customers.”

Speaking on the same Magento panel as Luckie and Lodge, Alex Barbier, digital marketing director, Oliver Sweeney, said he is also considering implementing Mention Me because the retailer wants feedback from trusted customers to improve brand advocacy.

“The power of recommending a brand to someone else is great,” he said, noting how friends will only recommend products and services if they are confident in the brand, because a bad experience reflects badly on them. 

Another way customers provide feedback is through user-generated content. Links of London is also working with Olapic to aggregate customer images from social media.

“We’re famous for our sterling silver, but we have a fairly static range, and that can make content quite challenging if you’re kicking out an email every week,” explained Lodge. “But on Instagram, we have a loyal fan base and we saw a huge amount of content we were not using.

Lodge noted that using Olapic does require some manual processing of the images. “It sounds awesome to hoover up social images, but you have to hoover through tens of thousands of images and then connect them to the product detail pages online. But it is an interesting spin on product photography and users feel closer to the brand – we’re excited about the double-edged sword that will bring.”

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