About the company...

Why are you returning to RBTE in 2017?

RBTE 2016 was a great way to meet our current and potential clients, partners and friends from retail tech community in one place. It gave us a good exposure and it helped us to connect with the retail community and get the feedback on our product. In 2017 we expect to have even more meetings and retail tech discussion at RBTE 

How effective is RBTE compared to your other forms of marketing? 

We met new clients and partners and reconnected with people we knew before. We are satisfied with the results and hope more will come within the next months.

Tell us about your company in Tweet form (no more than 140 characters)…

Mercaux brings digital into offline retail empowering sales staff and connecting physical and digital worlds for the best customer experience

The people behind the company...

What was your first car?

VESPA – love that. 

What 3 things would you take with you on a desert island?

Can I stay in London instead? 

Favourite album from your teens?

Sting and The Police, it has always been Sting.

What's your Starbucks order?

Flat White.

Veuve Clicquot or pint of ale?

Veuve Clicquot.

Favourite gadget you own?

My iPhone with the Mercaux app.

Favourite TV show?

Hmm… used to be Daily Show.

What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Depends how big the prize is. However, I would split it into three parts: for company needs, my personal, and for the charity I support.

You can see Mercaux on stand 151 at RBTE, which takes place between 8-9 May 2017. To see who else is exhibiting at the show click here.